13 Best Men’s Vest for a Fashionable Gym Look

If there's one thing we know for sure, it’s that all men want bigger arms! Bulking those biceps and triceps muscles is often on top of the list for many gym lovers looking to gain mass and get in shape. But, the real question is: “How can you up your arm game, while being stylish and comfortable at the same time?” And, after all, what's the point in having buff arms, if you can’t show off your hard work? 

Men’s vests are a comfortable option that can serve as both functional and a stylish piece - if worn thoughtfully. Thanks to the rise of athleisure, you don’t have to compromise any longer - Iron Tribe’s wide range of men’s vests will ensure you stay dry, comfortable and stylish while you sweat it out! Sounds perfect, right? It actually is. Whether you’re on the move or pumping iron in the gym, we offer a selection of 13 best vests for men you can choose from and also share a secret or two about how to pair them up with the rest of your favourite pieces for an ultimate, fashionable gym look.

What is a men’s vest?

The word vest comes from the French 'Veste', meaning sports coat or jacket. Men’s vests have been a part of menswear for more than a hundred years, usually as part of formal wear. But, over the years, casual gym vests for men have become a key staple in their wardrobe - it is no longer just an outer layer reserved for outdoors or formal events – they can be worn for a variety of occasions, making it the ideal piece of gym clothing for men to put on while working out or showing off their arm gains.

Vest or waistcoat - What are men’s vests called?

Men’s vest is sometimes referred to as a “waistcoat”. Although similar in style, they are very different in how they are worn and for what occasion. The primary difference is that waistcoats are formal, whereas vests are informal. You would typically wear a waistcoat as part of a three-piece suit, while vests for men are modern, casual vests that can be worn as an alternative to jackets and layered to provide extra warmth and style, allowing them to become a functional and versatile addition to your regular, as well as gym outfits!

Different types of men’s vests

Aside from formal suit vests, there are many types of casual gym vests for men you can experiment with available today and it is the most popular style of men’s vests you will come across. Here are several popular types of men’s vests in today’s world:

Athletic men’s vest

These are light, moisture-wicking athletic wear, similar to an undershirt, usually made of synthetic material or microfiber to keep it lightweight and quick to dry. Athletic men’s vests are often worn without a shirt, so they usually come in dark colours with logos or brands.

Gym vest

Probably the most popular type of men’s vests in the fitness domain, a gym vest is considered to be an ideal piece of clothing for gym workout sessions and other sporty adventures. Gym vests for men are specifically designed for comfort and mobility, so they would provide ease and flexibility while sweating it out.

Puffer vests

Puffer vests are the perfect addition to any outdoor or cooler occasion, giving you the perfect sporty, but fashionable edge to any outfit. It keeps you warm, while also letting your body breathe, in case the weather warms up.

How many types of men’s vests are there?

Short answer? A lot. Some other, less popular, types of vests for men include suede vests that are more commonly worn in the workplace and other professional occasions, as well as quilted vests, sweater vests and gilets.

What type of vest is best for men?

Just like Iron Tribe’s wide men’s sportswear range (including our men’s vest collection), vests can come in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Depending on where you’ll be wearing your vest and what you will be wearing it will ultimately help you choose what type of vest for men will be right for you.

How to Style Gym Vests for Men?

Traditionally, vests haven’t always been the most popular choice when it comes to choosing a warmer outer layer or working out. However, over the years, men’s vests have seen a makeover in both style and fit! Not only are they no longer bulky and tight, but they also provide you with a stylish, yet comfortable option during the transitional months or while achieving your fitness goals. Need a helping hand? We’ll walk you through how to style men’s vests with different kinds of outfits and which one to choose based on your individual needs.

What should men wear with their gym vest?

Modern men’s training vests feature a variety of styles and cuts, allowing them to become a functional and versatile addition to your outfits. But, what should you pair your gym vest with? Men’s vests are generally best worn with t-shirts. For casual cool mornings or outings, go for hooded vests with any inner t-shirt. Jeans or any pair of casual men’s workout or gym shorts can both look good with vests as bottom wear. Being sleeveless, men’s training vests allow free movement of your arms, and are thus a great choice for sportswear and working out. Depending on your needs, it can be worn alone or over tank tops and muscle tees.

How to choose the best men’s vest for you?

When it comes to choosing the right men’s vest for you, you want to make sure it fits. The shoulders of the vest should always lie flat against your body and below any collar points. What about waist length? The right fit means the vest doesn’t reveal your stomach, but it also shouldn’t go over your hips and restrict movement. 

Most importantly, set your priorities straight. Do you want a tight fit? How much muscle do you want to show off? If you’re still having trouble deciding, some of the best vests for men listed below might be just what you’re looking for.

13 Best Vests For Men

Today, the dynamic of fashion and comfort has changed completely, meaning that being comfortable, stylish and workout-ready at the same time isn’t fiction any more – athleisure is what made it possible. The wide array of a functional, yet stylish design has transformed the athleisure trend into a lifestyle - an aesthetically comfortable one. Our thoughtfully designed selection of gym vests for men allows for improved body movement, making sure your upper arms, shoulders and back muscles are being worked correctly, while getting your upper body in shape. 

Our wide range of men’s vests come in a variety of styles and colours, with innovative fabric blends. High-tech, quick-dry and comfortable, Iron Tribe’s vests for men will wick sweat and keep you looking cool even after the toughest of workouts. Whatever your inclination and whether you're just happy showing off your arms or want a more effective workout, you'll certainly find the perfect one for you among these 13 best vests for men. Ready to take your fitness performance to the next level? Scroll down.

Origins Men’s Athletic Vest


Stylish design

Using a color-blocked paneled design, contrast shoulder detail and minimal branding, our men’s training vest is trendy, but at the same time workout-functional, which is exactly what you need to boost your gym performance!


Workout ready

Zips on the side allow you to adjust the look and feel of your Origins athletic vest, making sure there isn’t any movement restriction while working on those upper arm muscles.


Quality fabric

Soft feel lightweight cotton elastane mix makes this men’s vest ideal for that coffee session post-gym. Sweating is now a thing of the past!


Origins Men’s Muscle Vest Hoodie


Fashionable and trendy

Stand out among your gym buddies and make a statement with our short muscle vest hoodie – it’s waist length and rear placement of the logo will definitely make your workout attire memorable.


Comfortable muscle fit

Looking for activewear that makes working out feel less strenuous? This men’s gym vest uses mesh cutouts to accentuate your muscles during workout sessions and comes with deeper armholes for free movement and ease. Multi blend stretch fabric made of cotton, polyester and jersey will provide a comfortable muscle fit while you work on and show off your biceps and triceps!



Whether you’re after a day of pumping at the gym or just something comfortable to get you through a busy day, our vest hoodie is adaptable to all your needs. Thanks to the era of athleisure, you can now wear your workout gear anywhere you go – our activewear is comfortable enough to want to lounge around in.


Cutting-edge and sleek

Cross-over hood with contrast inner color lining is what makes our men’s vest hoodie unique. Minimalistic colors come in various combinations, making sure you find the perfect style for you.


Origins Quick Dry Men’s Vest


Cool and dry

Iron Tribe’s Quick dry men’s vest is specially designed for athletes and can help regulate body temperature and aid in the sweat evaporation process. Lightweight fabric produced with quick-dry treatment makes it ideal for those nasty, sweaty workouts that leave you breathless!


Athletic fit

Whether you're engaged in rotator cuff warm ups or max out reps, a U-shaped hem with exaggerated armhole for comfort helps with both momentum and performance, while giving you a lean, athletic silhouette.



Color-block ideology, as well as minimal branding is what makes our Quick dry men’s vest design trendy and minimalistic in design. Styling your workout look while you’re on the move is easier than ever.



Comfortable nylon - jersey mix of fabric finished off with quick-dry technology will make sure you don’t have to worry about breaking a sweat ever again!

Why choose Iron Tribe’s Men’s Training Vest?

Activewear fashion that combines aspects of workout clothing focused on comfort, mobility, and moisture-wicking and streetwear clothing made popular by high-fashion, social media, and pop culture. What more could an active, 21st century guy ask for? Iron Tribe’s transient and thoughtfully designed pieces of trendy men’s sports clothing can easily adapt to different scenarios. 

The crossover between fashion and sports has encouraged us to break barriers and choose comfort over “fitted” clothing. We offer a wide range of high quality vests for men in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, while keeping everything in mind - the right length, fabric, fit and level of comfort, making sure you look stylish even outside of your daily sweat sessions. Whether you want to show off your curvy arm muscles while keeping up with the high-end sports fashion or keep working on them with no distractions (or sweating) – we have your back! It’s time to step up your game and join the new age of urban warriors and athleisure wear for men.

How do I order my Iron Tribe’s men’s vest?

By registering on our website for free, you have the opportunity to browse through our wide range of men's’ vests as well as other pieces of athleisure clothing that will promote your active lifestyle and take it to a whole new level. Order your favorites by adding them to your shopping cart with a simple click and join our Tribe!