About Us


How many times did you miss out on a workout because you did not carry your gym bag? Ran late for a session because it took time to change into your gym attire? Sound familiar? 

Iron Tribe was created to solve these problems for you! The brand was born to provide an all day apparel that could easily be worn throughout the day to avoid having to waste time changing outfits. 

Without being heavily branded - which is sometimes not socially appropriate- there has always been a shortage of clothing for the fashion savvy athletes. High-end clothing is not always functional and activewear is just not as trendy. 

One might argue that it does not take too long to change but going through packed schedules in today's frenzied paced life - saving those couple of minutes changing in and out of outfits could mean finding the time for something else! Like meal prepping, laundry drop offs, grocery runs…

With Iron Tribe, we aim to bridge that gap by creating clothes that are both functional and stylish.